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Online File Storage

This online file store test compares one of the world's most popular cloud computing apps, with a new online file storage company Goate Backup. iCloud Login Apple's flagship cloud service, everyone knows Icloud, iCloud is a part of the powerful Apple ecosystem, so iCloud expects you to completely compile with Apple products. If you are a fan of Apple and you have iPhone, iPad and iMac, in either case, you must have iCloud. However, if you have a PC or Android device at home, it will not be very useful for you. In that case, you will be better off with new online file storage services such as Dropbox or new Got Backup.

Got Backup is GVO Inc., an online file storage service of a Texas company that develops Internet based products and solutions. Like backup box Dropbox saves your files online and gives backups With Gate Backup Affiliate Program, you can potentially earn money. There is clearly no affiliate program in Apple Icloud and it does not need one.


With Got Backup, you can store your files online on any device. You only have one internet connection and a computer or internet connected device. When it comes to utility and functionality, backup is similar to Dropbox. Got provides unlimited online storage for backup files and gives back-up data on PC and Mac, iPhone, iPad and any Android device. Get online back-up provides the highest level of protection for online file storage using 256-bit AES encryption. It's completely safe and your backup is as safe on your backup as it is. Nobody, except the account owner (you), has permission to access your data. Click Here for More.

Apple Icoded Apple is the leading online file storage service for products. It works in sync with iTunes and Apple Store. You can back up calendars, emails and contacts on iCloud and easily access all the data on your iPad, iPhone and Mac. You can also back up your apps and music. Every Icloud you backup is immediately available on all Apple devices.


There is a test plan in Got Backup which will only bring you $ 1 in the first week. If you are satisfied, you can choose one of three full memberships. Individual backups are worth $ 8.99 per month and provide unlimited online cloud backup for 1 computer or device.

Family plans provide online file storage for $ 14.99 / month and 5 computers or devices and 5 different accounts. The backup and share plan costs $ 13.99 / month and provides unlimited online file storage for 5 computers or devices. There are no setup fees to back up.

iCloud offers free online file storage for 5 GB data. In addition, Icloud offers 20GB for $ 0.99 per month. 200 GB per month for $ 3.99; 500GB for $ 9.99 per month and 1 TB for $ 20 per month. Read Here article on iCloud for Windows.

Affiliate program

Setup separately from Apple I-Load, there is a participant program in back up backup that provides the best way to earn money. iCloud does not have a participatory program, as you certainly know.

How much money can you get from the gate backup affiliate program? Well, there are some who earn more than $ 2,500 each month. Got Backup gives you 100% commission for the first month - which means that as a participant, you get 100% commission on each sale. The commission given by Got Backup is up to 50% from the second month and remains at this level.


No company can compete with Apple Go Back Backup does not directly compete with Apple EcoLoad, but Apple gives you the best advantage that you will not get, such as affiliate programs that give you outstanding residual income. It is very difficult to use iacodes on PC and adrot devices. There is no such problem with go-back backup's online file store.

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